Poems for October 5, 2017

[Venus "on top of" Mars in Virgo]

merging lovers, be
patient. be still. fill
this void with grain -
golden legends in
paperbacks. love
without cost. grow,

hug, even when arms
are made of mud.
love, even when blood
clings to eyes.
be more than what you
know -

a flickering candle,
coaxed by moans and
sun-coated breath.
breathe, simply
breathe. here,
you have what you need.

[Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, oppose Full Moon in Aries]

little ram,
you are not
the lamb of God -
don't crucify
your heart.

you're not alone, like
the voices in your head say.
quiet them with kisses, emeralds,
and ribbons. tie knots
in their lips. beyond voices,
silence sits.

parade bloody streets
with healing gems. tap
your hooves in a cloud
of ash. spring forth
your hallowed wings,
dripping with lust
for something bigger
than us.


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